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Location: 35 Culturally Significant Sites Within the Downtown Civil Right District Designated by the National Register of Historic Places

This portion of the Birmingham Civil Rights Heritage Trail highlights the buildings and spaces listed in the National Register of Historic Places as culturally significant sites where strategic planning for the Birmingham Movement occurred, such as churches and black-owned businesses. They are noted for their historic significance in the concerted struggle of African Americans nationwide to win their long-denied civil rights as full citizens and individual rights as human beings. Others are places dedicated to commemorate this civil rights history for posterity, such as the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and Urban Impact in the 4th Avenue black Business District. Others are of particular significance to the African American community where they found relief from dehumanizing conditions of racial discrimination. Some buildings in this nationally-recognized Civil Rights Historic District and the Historic Fourth Avenue Business District are gone; some have been re-purposed. But the landmarks provide a physical context for events that led up to the climax here in 1963 that defined the American Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.